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Introducing you to the wonderful world of LITCHI

What is LITCHI?

LITCHI is a one-stop shopping concept that aims to empower women through their wardrobe.

LITCHI Clothing is not just another clothing brand; it’s a unique way of shopping for clothing with a different approach – one that promises you an inspiring shopping experience that will add visible value to your life.

LITCHI puts the smile back into getting dressed! How do we do that?
By offering today’s woman a unique clothes shopping experience;
By creating a versatile and functional wardrobe that works for you;
by leaving you feeling empowered as you learn how to wear and style your look while STILL being able to smile at your bank balance.

No matter what your age, shape or size, LITCHI’S range of wardrobe consultation services will help you take charge of your wardrobe with either a de-clutter, mix-a-match, how to maximize your existing wardrobe, general tips and tools to make getting dressed easier; shopping for clothing in a fun, interactive, safe and friendly environment, or style advice and professional assistance when making those important decisions on what items to buy.

Simply book your 1-on-1 appointment or visit a LITCHI open day. Litchi is also mobile and offers 1-on-1 shopping for clients in the comfort of their own home or office.

Why choose LITCHI?

LITCHI understands the lifestyle of today’s woman. Your time is precious, budget is important and you need a wardrobe that works with your lifestyle. The clothing range under the Litchi brand is timeless, functional and cost effective.

LITCHI gives you the tools, tips and style advice that is practical to apply to your everyday routine. LITCHI will transform the way you look at the clothing already hanging in your wardrobe.

Each consultation is customise for your needs, whether it is a de-clutter, an assessment of what you already have to work with, or to identify the foundation pieces already in your wardrobe. It might mean assisting you with your shopping list so you know exactly what to buy, how to use what you have to create new looks, planning what to wear for the different occasions, getting a fresh new approach to your style, or doing your personal shopping for you. Whatever your needs, your wardrobe worries will be over and you will feel inspired to look your best every day!

Who is the ‘REAL WOMAN of today’?

LITCHI CLOTHING is about empowering woman through their wardrobes, and offering an all-round clothing and wardrobe experience for the ‘real woman’ of today.

LITCHI understands the ‘real’ woman of today. She has gone through the motions of life’s ocean… she is a mother, wife, career woman. Her life is full and busy.

She knows the importance of looking her best but spending hours in shopping malls is not the way she prefers to spend her time.

Her body has gone through some changes from age 21 to now, she knows that age and size is irrelevant but self-acceptance and gratitude is.

She might like fashion but is not a slave to seasonal trends. She is every woman and she is you!

Who is the person behind the LITCHI brand?

LITCHI Clothing formed 10 year ago when Lucinda Campbell moved to Johannesburg. What started out as just an entrepreneurial insight on a current opportunity grew into a very personalised and unique way of helping woman shop for the clothing in their wardrobe.

Today, Lucinda, through her brand LITCHI, aims at and succeeds in empowering all ages of women through their style and wardrobe choices.

Since every woman’s wardrobe is personal to her, Lucinda builds personal bonds with each client, adding inspiration, colour and life and giving our wardrobes the attention it deserves in order to see the results.

The LITCHI motto is “At any age and no matter where my body is in my role of being a woman, I can look and feel great!”

Says Lucinda Campbell: “Through my lifelong passion for fashion, I have gained a unique eye for creative dressing. Being a practical person in general, I realised that dressing beautifully does not always come naturally to every woman. I find my inspiration in discovering how and where women struggle with what to wear, how to wear it and how I can best help them to change this particular aspect around.

“Through personal dealings with well over 800 women I have created a programme that is a hands-on practical approach to wardrobe, style advice, getting dressed and shopping for clothing. My experience and a deep need to empower woman has given me the expertise I share today.

“My clientele are made up mostly of women between 20-65 years of age, who live busy lifestyles, don't like shopping, want to get out of the rut they are in, or who have been referred to me by word of mouth.

“I am passionate about what I do and walk the extra mile for my clients because I believe that the way we dress affects the way we THINK, the way we FEEL, the way we ACT, and the way others REACT to us. If you look GOOD, you feel GOOD and you can PERFORM in any area of your life.

“Let me share my experience and expertise with you and your wardrobe and create the best wardrobe for you in 2013 and beyond”.

Have a fashionable day, everyday!


How will LITCHI find the SOLUTION to my wardrobe woes?

At LITCHI you will experience a fun, hands-on approach to shopping for clothing.
You will find Items that you LOVE.
You will learn how to team them up with your existing wardrobe.
You will understand what suits your personality and your own individual style.

LITCHI understands that we all have to take budget into consideration.
LITCHI understands how busy the modern day woman is and that time is of great value.
LITCHI works with you on accomplishing your goals in finding a wardrobe that works for you.

Dress for success every day with the help of LITCHI. Lucinda’s tools and tips for the ‘real-woman’s wardrobe’ will leave you feeling empowered and knowing how best to dress and present yourself.



Do you dread getting dressed in the morning?
Is it a struggle to find something that you like?
Does clothes shopping leave you feeling exhausted?
Do you spend hours in the mall and still find nothing?
Do you understand the importance of first impressions but think that shopping for clothing is just not for you?
Would you like to take the hassle out of shopping?
Do you want a wardrobe that works for you?
Would you like to spend more time doing the things you LOVE with your life?
Would you like to find clothing you really like in less time?
Would you like to know how to put outfits together?
Do you just feel stuck?
Do you often find yourself saying: “I have nothing to wear?”
Is your wardrobe full of clothing you don’t wear, or don’t know how to mix and match?
Have your lifestyle or body silhouette changed and you haven’t found a new look you like?
Would you like to re-invent yourself without having to spend a fortune?
Do you have the key “must-have” items in your wardrobe?
Would you like to learn how to get the maximum out of your existing wardrobe?
Would you like to create new outfits and looks without buying a single new piece of clothing?

IF you answered yes to any of these questions you need the hassle-free services of LITCHI – call Lucinda today on 0829683656